Delivery Network Manager @ NCC Group. Working in Cyber Security, Networks and Infrastructure. 

Photography, Engines, Computers, Electronics, Gaming, and being a family man in my spare time!

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1 year ago
Lydia is helping to carry the food delivery into the kitchen, carrying the heavy ones saying “I’m as strong as a duck!”. After some clarification, “a Duck? Like quack quack?” She says “well yeh, if it was the same size as me!”.

She also could have meant she was strong as fu…
1 year ago
Anyone interested in these?
1 year ago
Anyone in Sheffield (or surrounding areas) that can recommend anywhere that will take donations of Baby stuff? We would like to see them go to people in need.

Plastic Bath
Changing box
Play-mat with dangly things
Baby Chair bouncer/music

3 years ago
The first of what is most likely going to be many children’s parties to attend!
3 years ago
Goodbye Amsterdam. Even though I didn’t actually go into Amsterdam instead spending most of my time in Delft and Amstelveen (it was a work trip after all!) it’s been fun avoiding the debauchery and drugs. You did give me sunburn though, you suck!

Perhaps I’ll do something m…